Freddy Krueger Candy Bowl Review

Author: Courtney Penley
Submitted by:   Date : 2014-10-16 18:21

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger Candy Bowl

Reviewed by: Courtney Penley

Halloween is my favorite time of year, which means I go all out and Freddy Krueger is what nightmares are made of, so I just had to have the coolest candy bowl that I have seen around, courtesy of

Upon its quick arrival, I was surprised at the size of Freddy himself, standing nearly two feet high and sure to catch people's eye. The attention to detail is fantastic: my friends all stand in awe, stare at it and touch it, amazed of how great it looks. Pictures don't do it justice at all, the only way to experience this is to see it close up and get your hands on it. also sells Freddy Krueger masks and many other Halloween novelty items to suit your needs around this time of year. In fact, I do plan to get my costumes from this site going forward thanks to their fast shipment of the item to my door and good communication with the company!

The one drawback is that Freddy is so lightweight that when I put candy in the bowl he just flips over and falls on his face. Currently my candy bowl is only half full and still he can't remain standing. I am disappointed because I want everyone to see the coolest candy bowl on the block but it just isn't totally functional. I was also disappointed to find that it doesn't have a backside; I feel that had they rounded out the back and added a weight to the base that this item would be perfect. Unfortunately for me, there are no walls to put him up against where people will still be able to see him and thus Iím faced with a challenge as to where to put the Krueger candy bowl and how to keep him from tipping over.

Having said that, don't let this deter you from getting one of the most badass bowls that you'll ever own, but do know in advance that unless you like lightweight candy, you will need to rig it so it won't flip over and spill. The site also sells a Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th candy bowl holder so maybe the solution for me should be to buy him too and put the two villains back to back. offers a fun, slightly flawed product at the affordable price of $34.99. Be the talk of your Halloween party and order yours today!

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