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(0) Posted on 2023-04-25 by Brett H.

The Boogeyman (2023)
Evil Dead Rise (2023)
The Haunting of Julia (1977)
Scream VI (2023)
Cocaine Bear (2023)
Knock at the Cabin (2023)
Skinamarink (2022)
M3GAN (2022)
Creature from Black Lake (1976)
Terrifier 2 (2022)
Halloween Ends (2022)
Army of Darkness (1992)
The Munsters (2022)
Barbarian (2022)
Dog Soldiers (2002)
Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)
Nope (2022)
Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)
The Black Phone (2021)
Girls Nite Out (1982)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)
Cursed (2005)

Happy October!

(0) Posted on 2021-10-01 by Brett Gallman

Well, as you can tell, this year's not exactly an October Overflow. Without having enough pieces for daily posts, it didn't feel right to use the name we've used since our inception. In short, my life as a teacher and a parent really caught up with me this year, which also explains the relative radio silence lately. But I also would be remiss if I didn't do something to celebrate the best time of the year. As such, it'll be busier around here than it's been in recent weeks and months, as I'll be posting an assortment of reviews, home video round-ups, and the annual Halloween list. I'll also have some pieces featured over at Daily Grindhouse, and, in one of the most surreal things that's ever happened to me, I'll have a byline in the October issue of Fangoria. So it might not exactly be business as usual around these parts, but there's plenty to look forward to for this month and beyond, starting with a review of William Girdler's Abby. Happy Halloween, everyone!

October Overflow XIII

(0) Posted on 2020-09-28 by Brett Gallman

Yes, the calendar still says September, but let's be real: October is something we carry in our hearts all year long. Plus, if there was ever a year that we deserve to start celebrating a little bit earlier, it's this one. While I can't presume a month-long celebration of horror movies can do anything to alleviate society's various ills, I do hope it can provide a much-needed glimmer of distraction. Stay tuned for daily updates featuring our annual Halloween list, retrospectives, and reviews, starting with Scream Factory's upcoming Collector's Edition release of Ghost Ship!

October Overflow XII

(0) Posted on 2019-10-01 by Brett Gallman

We made it. Summer has once again come and gone, giving way to the best time of the year. You've strung up the lights, filled the candy bowl, and stocked up on questionable novelty items from your local Spirit Halloween. And let's be honest: you probably did that by mid-September. But now it's time to truly unleash the wicked charm of the season by gorging on horror movies non-stop for an entire month. Not that we ever need an excuse from the calendar to do that, but we all know it's just a little bit more special once October arrives and Halloween is truly in the air. Stay tuned all month long for reviews, lists, and a few other surprises, starting with a look at Scream Factory's recent release of Scars of Dracula!

October Overflow XI: Hail to the King II

(0) Posted on 2018-10-01 by Brett Gallman

It's time, it's time! As the calendar finally turns to October, we begin our 11th annual Halloween season binge here at OTH. Since one October wasn't enough, we'll once again be paying tribute to Stephen King throughout the month, starting with a look at our latest Hall of Fame entry, Pet Sematary! Stay tuned for more King, our annual Halloween list, and a few surprises as the big day approaches. As always, October's updates will be marked with a festive orange!

Return of Summer Slash-o-Thon!

(0) Posted on 2018-05-27 by Brett Gallman

School's out, camp is open, and the smell of cookouts lingers in the air. Summer has unofficially begun, which puts us that much closer to Halloween; however, before we can prepare for trick-or-treating and our annual horror-thons, it's time once again to celebrate all things slashers! Stay tuned over the next two months as we slice and dice our way through the genre, starting with a list of 16 More Slashers to Die For!

Celebrating 10 Years of OTH!

(0) Posted on 2018-02-25 by Brett Gallman

Ten years ago, we here at OTH launched a site with a singular goal in mind: to explore as many corners and crevices of the horror genre that we possible could, taking on all sub-genres and decades. Over time, it mostly became a running document of my own personal horror journey, but the intent has remained the same: OTH stands as a testament to the enduring power of horror in all its forms, and I hope it's helped to reach someone out there and guide them towards some memorable films. To anyone who's clicked and read a review during the past decade: thank you, seriously. Even though I'm mostly doing this for me at this point, this site has still helped me meet some of the raddest people on the planet, and I'm definitely down for another decade. To commemorate this decade, I'm launching Slashbacks, a new column where I'll revisit select titles and see how they hold up, starting with a stroll down Elm Street.

October Overflow X: Hail to the King

(0) Posted on 2017-10-01 by Brett Gallman

As the calendar mercifully turns from September to October, we begin our tenth-annual (!) Halloween season binge. To mark the occasion, this year's October Overflow will pay tribute to Stephen King throughout the month, starting with a review of Tobe Hooper's adaptation of Salem's Lot. Stay tuned for more King, our annual Halloween list, and a few surprises as the big day approaches. As always, October's updates will be marked with a festive orange!

October Overflow Countdown!

(0) Posted on 2017-09-30 by Brett Gallman

With Halloween looming on the horizon, we here at OTH are even more excited than usual. This year, our annual October Overflow will live up to its name by spilling all the way over into the waning days of September. Stay tuned for the next 13 days as we count down and hand out a daily treat: some bite-sized television reviews, some full-sized films reviews, and even some new surprises. You'll have to click on each day to unwrap the surprises we have in store, starting with Day #1!

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Stephen King Rules Week

(0) Posted on 2017-09-04 by Brett Gallman

Pennywise lives! Later this week, Andrés Muschietti's new adaptation of It hits theater screens everywhere, and we couldn't be more excited. To mark the occasion, this week will be dedicated to the works of Stephen King, who still rules after all these years. Kicking things off is a look at the late Tobe Hooper's The Mangler, one of the more wild, outrageous stabs at the King canon.



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