L.A. Screening: There's Nothing Out There

Author: Brett Gallman
Submitted by: Brett Gallman   Date : 2012-05-08 06:18

A lot of the films we cover here at OTH get revival screenings pretty often, at least if you live in a place thatís awesome enough to support such a thing. One such place is Los Angeles, home of the New Beverly theater; many of you might know this as the theater owned by Quentin Tarantino, but itís also one of the nationís top reparatory houses that specialize in cool revival screenings. Itís the type of place that allows Edgar Wright to come in an program a weekly lineup that includes everything from White Heat to Cutterís Way.

And they also program even weirder, off-the-wall stuff, like Thereís Nothing Out There, which hasnít had a 35mm screening in over twenty years--at least until May 26th, when itíll play at the New Bev as part of Brian Collinsís Horror Movie a Day series. Not only does Brian run one of the coolest blogs (if for some reason youíre reading us but not him, rectify that), but he also programs really cool shit on a monthly basis. Thereís Nothing Out There is a movie I recently reviewed, and I imagine it would be a blast to experience it with a crowd, so if youíre in the L.A. area, save the date because director Rolfe Kanefsky will also be in attendance for a Q&A and giveaways.

So why bring attention to this screening in particular? Call it good timing, I suppose; having recently seen Thereís Nothing Out There in the wake of The The Cabin in the Woods, I feel like itís a movie thatís deserving of an audience because it was up to a lot of interesting things way back in the early 90s, back before Scream made it cool to be self-aware. But itís also good timing because the New Beverly has been making headlines lately in the battle between 35mm and digital projection. I wonít hash over this stuff--thereís plenty of more qualified people out there to tell you the pros and cons of both, but there definitely is a place for both, and the New Bev could be a casualty of this battle, which may claim tons of revival theaters and art houses that thrive on acquiring 35mm prints.

If youíre like me and canít do your part by actually attending, take a look at this Kickstarter campaign for a documentary about the theater. Iím not saying you have to donate, but if you could just take a minute to read Julia Marcheseís description, youíll see why this is a big deal for so many people. I suppose Iím selfish myself--one day, I hope to make it to L.A., if only for a brief visit--and I want the New Beverly to be there. Not only that, but I want it to keep thriving even if I never make it halfway there. Call it old-fashioned or what have you, but I like just knowing places like this exist to introduce like-minded audiences to the likes of Thereís Nothing Out There.
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