Fantastic Fest 2011 preview

Author: Brett Gallman
Submitted by: Brett Gallman   Date : 2011-09-23 05:12
As Brett G. boards a bus for Austin, check out his list of anticipated films that you probably won't want to miss out on.

The Human Centipede 2

I didnít really love the first Human Centipede flick, but thereís little doubt that this is one of the bigger premiers of the week. Banned from the UK but very much welcome at Fantastic Fest, it looks like the sequel is taking a meta-fictional approach, and, letís be honest--we all canít wait to see what director Tom Six has up his sleeve, especially since heís promised that this will make the original resemble ďMy Little Pony.Ē


The guys behind Inside (one of the best horror flicks of the last decade), Julien Maury and Alexander Bustillo, return with their latest. Itís been 4 long years since their last effort--in the meantime, they got attached to everything from the Hellraiser to Halloween franchises, so this is a long-awaited event that could further their reputation as horror maestros in the making.

Last Screening

Hereís something we donít see a lot of anymore--a new giallo-tinged effort, hailing from Europe, no less. This oneís French, and itís about a guy who works at a cinema and kill women to collect their body parts. Thatís about all I know about it, and, quite frankly, all I need to know (I imagine part of the fun of festivals is just walking in totally blind in the hopes of being, well, blind-sided, I guess).

Youíre Next

A lot of buzz for this one emerged out of the Toronto International Film Festival last week, and itís being hailed as a smart update on the slasher flick. It also features underrated 80s screen queen Barbara Crampton, who will also be in attendance to boot.

Juan of the Dead

The world probably needs another silly zom-com like it needs another wave of sissy vampire romance novels, but this oneís got all sorts of political undertones and seems to be a lot of fun. Set in Cuba, itís about yet another zombie uprising, and something tells me Castro better be alarmed.

Julia X

Kevin Sorbo is a serial killer (!) who runs into an uppity would-be victim named Julia. Apparently, things get hilarious and bloody from there. This is another one I donít know a whole bunch about aside from the fact that it features TVís Hercules assaulting women in 3D. Sold.

Quite frankly, thereís a whole lot of crap to look forward to at Fantastic Fest. Besides these five, thereís at least a dozen more flicks that look to be top notch, and this is not to mention the retro screenings of stuff like Zombie, House by the Cemetery, and American Werewolf in London. Stay tuned for what are sure to be some half-conscious, caffeine-fuelled recaps and reviews all week. Stick around after that, too, as October is just around the corner--which means itíll be time for yet another overflow of reviews and lists all month long.
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