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Sister Sites

B.A.L.L.S. Academy - Your Alma mater for teen films, raunchy, low-brow comedies, sexploitation & coming of age dramas. We get older, they stay the same age.

Horror Websites - The place for in depth reviews of your favorite (and not so favorite) DVDs.

Friday the 13th: The Website - Home of Jason Voorhees, now run by the longtime fan John Klyza. - The definitive SC site, featuring everything under the sun and more.

Retro Slashers - Devoted to uncovering lost slash and featuring reviews, interviews, custom DVD covers and more!

DVD Drive-In - Covering the drive-in films of yesteryear, one of the most reliable sites for niche reviews.

Hysteria Lives! - The best slasher review database around.

Canuxploitation - Extensively covers Canada's B-movie industry, past and present.

Terror Trap - A great stop for one minute reviews.

David Dunwoody - Official site of author David Dunwoody and his horror related fiction.

Strictly Splatter - Obscure horror reviews.

Fatally Yours - Reviews, news and so much more! - Hilariously creative, essential b-film site.

Fright Rags - If you want horror shirts, this is the place to go! Featuring sizes from small to 5XL.

Grindhouse Cinema Database - The place to go when searching for details on an impossible to find movie, or discover a new one for your collection.

The Vault of Horror - Brian Solomon's blog covers all things horror. - "Everything that is horror..."

From Midnight With Love - The Mike tackles horror and other cult movies.

Horror Movie A Day - Brian Collins watches a horror movie every day, and this is where you read about them.

DVD Studios

Severin Films - The Criterion of Smut!

Legend Films - Specializing in DVD releases of all varieties.

Troma Entertainment - Over 35 years of reel independence!

Breaking Glass Pictures - Specializing in releasing a wide range of challenging and provocative films.

Hack Movies - Where you get your horror/comedy on!

Other Sites

Life Between Frames - Film-making and film appreciation blog by Cody Hamman and Jay Burleson.
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